Antonio Morgante

This Saturday 15th December 2018

IN memory of Antonio Morgante

to all our family members, friends, countrymen, this Saturday 15th December 2018
We ask for your participation in the Lady of Fatima
Catholic Church
Parish Center Commowealth Avenue w12 7QR London
the mass will start at 09:00 at the end of the mass we will have at our disposal a mourning room next door which will remain open until 20:00 pm and anyone invited to participate thanks in advance for your participation.


Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church
The Presbytery/Commonwealth Av, White City, London W12 7QR
020 8743 8334

Ghenet: 07985168819
Muley: 07845636895
Renato: 07525746936
Alex : 07957774062


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